Meet Julie J. (Witherell) Jenkins, your superhero supporter of professional organizing services, consulting and planning in homes, offices, businesses, non-profits, and community groups.

News Update: Jenkins Organizing Services is getting an update in 2023 to Julie’s Organizing Services and the owner’s last name is being changed back to Witherell from Jenkins.

You Have Too Much Stuff and a Lot To Do.

You want and or need to get things in order to accomplish your goals. You struggle to get ahead. Looking at your stuff and thinking about your goals feels emotionally heavy. It would be best if you had hands-on support.

You’re Overwhelmed.

You struggle to get started or stay motivated.

Setbacks prevent you from getting and staying organized. Spaces build up.

Suddenly your daily tasks become more challenging to manage. You stop prioritizing self-care. This is when burn out may set in.

  • You feel drained of energy
  • Your anxiety levels are on the rise
  • Your body aches more
  • Your brain is slower to focus
  • Your thoughts are racing
  • There is so much to do
  • And you’re losing sleep

You Feel Alone but Don’t Have to Be.

Clutter in your personal and professional life can affect your health and well-being; it can cause chaos, disrupt plans, and prevent you from staying on track.

The hardest part is having to restart repeatedly, only to feel like you’ve accomplished nothing or, worst created an even bigger mess.

Life is full of changes. I know it’s not easy to tackle projects alone. It would help if you had a supporter who is knowledgeable, dependable and actionable. Julie’s Organizing Services is here to help.

Tried, Tested, and True.

  • The simple act of decluttering a home eliminates 40% of housework
  • Reorganizing an office frees up an hour a day
  • As Dale Carnegie said, “one hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.”
  • An assistant can save you at least 2 hours a day

Neuroscience researchers in 2011 concluded that clearing clutter from the home and work environment results in a better ability to focus and process information, as well as increase productivity. The client’s of Julie’s

Organizing Services can testify to these results.

Organizing will bring you…

  • More TIME
  • More JOY
  • More CONTROL

Including more STRUCTURE in times of…

A crisis, life change, and periods of transition such as birth, death, marriage, divorce, separation, illness, loss of job, starting a new job, studying, starting a new business or project, moving, downsizing, and to accommodate growing children and the elderly. That’s why my clients call me.

Being more organized in life can help you…

  • Improve your physical and mental health
  • Obtain work promotions
  • Grow your business
  • Complete your education
  • Contribute to your charity goals
  • Manage your bills
  • Improve your personal and professional relationships and friendships

Having a Professional Organizer for your business can help you…

  • Create and maintain an organized environment
  • Delegate work to avoid burnout
  • Save money by not hiring a full-time PA
  • Utilize online systems
  • Focus on the big picture

Client Testimonials

“Julie was quickly able to help organize and reset our Airbnb so we could be ready to open this season. We would not be able to open up on time without her help.”

– Surfers Farm House Airbnb

“I’ve been working with Julie for almost a year and the experience has been incredibly invaluable. She has helped me organize so many pieces of my business that felt incredibly overwhelming. When she first came on with me, I felt so overwhelmed, so all over the place and unorganized. She really helped me gain some tools to help me organize my actual outer space, but massively organize some of my mental clutter, because I was able to offload so many tasks that had me bogged down, in creating my business. Different skills that she was able to have in her wheel house, alleviated so much stress that was on my plate, and allowed me to focus on the things that are in my wheel house. I’m incredibly grateful to have her on my team, she is basically my right-hand lady. I could not recommend her enough for you no matter what it is. Her skill level and ability to just figure things out, gives me so much confidence to be able to give the highest of recommendations. Weather it’s organizing your home, your office, or your business, Julie is the woman for the job.”

Certified Betrayal Trauma Coach and Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner, specializing in women’s empowerment and betrayal trauma coaching.

“I came across Julie’s ad as a professional organizer and followed up with a meeting to understand if her services could help. It has turned out that Julie’s organizing skills reduced life’s stresses by helping me finish up some pressing things that need to be done.

She was professional and took the time to discuss the tasks, prioritize and help me finish some things that needed to be done. I also appreciated when she would follow up to see how things were going. I highly recommend reaching out to Julie for assistance with organizing and her guidance through the stress of getting things done.”

– Senior Veteran

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My Promise

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